2016 - IPTV and Digital Signage

Working with a systems integrator and their client we provided the design and winning multi-million pound proposal for digital signage solution for major UK exhibition centre. The solution included site wide IPTV and digital signage for advertising, way-finding and in house cross selling of ticketing and F&B outlets. Indoor 2.5 and 3.9mm and outdoor 10mm LED displays. Internal and external information and way finding Kiosks, Ticket Office and F&B outlet signage.

2016 – Meeting spaces

We were engaged by a systems integrator to provide AV design proposal, for all meeting and work spaces for Gulf based TV studio. Providing integration of AV, IPTV, room booking systems and UC.

2016 – Sky Building 2

We provided an audio design for event meeting space at Sky Building 2 development on behalf of a systems integrator. This multipurpose space provided a changeling space in which to install audio system added to which the room orientation needed to be changed as required and needed to be used either as a technician driven space with a plug in sound and lighting desks or as a self-operated plug and play space.

2016 – BT Collaboration Suites

We were engaged by one of BT roistered communications agency to review the market for collaboration tools that best met the requirements for BT to roll-out across its global estate of technology showcases. We settled on the Prysm solution and have designed and delivered the first two systems into BT showcases in Paris and Sydney. Key to this project was integration with the existing Cisco video conferencing infrastructure.

2016 – Virgin Money

Working with a digital signage specialist company we designed and delivered both the AV and digital signage into Virgin Money’s Lounge in Sheffield. The lounge consisted of Banking Hall, a lounge, library, meeting and consulting rooms, cinema, games and karaoke space and bowling alley.

2015 – RFU Twickenham

We were engaged by a systems integrator at short notice, mid delivery of this project when they suffered a loss of key personnel. We picked up this mantle and successfully delivered TriplePlay’s IPTV solution to 700+ Samsung displays in time for the Rugby World Cup.  

2015 – EDF

We were engaged by a system integrator to deliver a nuclear training facility for EDF, we provided project management, site supervisor and delivery teams for this very challenging project in listed 900 year building. Bats, asbestos, archaeological finds, protesters and even hidden graves were all part of the challenges to this project.  A key element of this project was the stringent H&S requirements based upon nuclear site rules, our site supervisor originated, managed and delivered this throughout

2015 – Hotel Baku

We were engaged by a consultancy group to Lead and deliver AV and Multimedia design for 5 star hotel complex, with meeting rooms, banqueting and ballrooms in Baku.

2014 – Merlin Entertainment Group

We were engaged by a digital signage specialist to deliver a digital signage project throughout a number of Merlin Entertainment parks, including Alton Towers, Chessington and Lego Land. The digital signage provided way finding, ride waiting time and cross selling opportunities for other Merlin parks as well as Merlin’s F&B outlets. Integration with existing ride information systems as well as web app for park based managers to update ride information in real time. Some kiosks were also touch enabled and whilst other also had viewing data capture to inform and change advertising information. Both indoor and outdoor LCD and LED solutions were used throughout the parks; the solution was installed in various phases and is an on-going project.

2013 – Synectics

We were engaged by a design company to design and delivery the technology for Synectics Innovation centre.  Synectics are a global surveillance technology company, traditional product demonstration were carried out using actual hardware and then discussing how they fit a customer’s requirements. Now thanks to their new showcase, real life scenarios can be played out via demonstrations on a video wall and supported by a range of interactive demonstrations via touch screen displays. The whole process is controlled by the demonstrator using Synectics ‘Synergy’ security management software via a touch screen built into a control desk. We created a web based control system that allows for http messages from the ‘Synergy’ to control the room environment as well as selecting media and demonstrations to play out.

2012 - JPMC

We were engaged by a leading systems integrator to lead their design and system engineering team for the delivery of a VNOC. The VNOC was designed to connect, manage, record and monitor the meeting rooms on all 42 floors allowing for connection any room to any other room locally or globally. The backbone of this system was an Extron fibre matrix with local room integration using Crestron DM supported by full broadcast facilities in the VNOC. This was a technically challenging project due to the short delivery schedule and the incomplete and evolving specification and design.

2011 - NHS Wales

Working with a UC integration company we delivered an innovative use for digital signage. This project for a new hospital dealing with dementia; yes there was the traditional display in reception for messages, news and other useful information. However in the patient areas digital signage was used in the reminiscing therapy rooms, here patient could watch content of their lives to stimulate memories which help in their treatment. Individual content together with ‘Calm’ videos are scheduled to coincide with patient’s therapy sessions.  In addition a video conference room was provided for case conferences and training.

2011 - JCB

We were engaged by a leading system integrator with whom we have a 25+ year relationship with. We provided both design and project management for the AV and interactive exhibits at JCB customer’s exhibition centre. Image blending and wrapping was used to great effect throughout the exhibition together with innovative use of MESH networks for show control and not forgetting some impressive machinery made for a stunning exhibition telling the incredible story of JCB.

2011 - Scottish Government’s Media Centre  

Designed and delivered the refurbishment and update of the Scottish Governments Media Centre in time for the Independent referendum. The media centre primarily use was for press and TV briefings, there was also an over-spill room and green room. The key features to this project were firstly audio clarity, this was of upmost importance for those delivering the message, those questioning the message and those broadcasting the message.  Secondly, lighting had to provide the right colour temperature for recording and broadcasting this was managed by a specialist lighting contractor and integrated into the user control on an iPad.

2010 – Post Graduate Medical Centre

We were engaged to Project Manager this project when the previous PM left half way through the project delivery. This system was based upon Crestron QM, with Room View booking system, providing Polycom HD video conferencing, and presentation facilities across 16 teaching and clinical skills rooms, with digital signage throughout the public spaces.

Customer Experience Centres - BT

We designed and delivered seven CEC showcases throughout the UK between 2005 and 2007. The purpose of these CEC was to show off BT products and services in real life scenarios for example in the home, on the move or in a work environment. Working with one of BT design agencies we built an immersive spaces to create the right atmosphere and environment using a combination of set, graphics and props including in one CEC a BT that was cut in half.

All of these CEC were interconnected via Cisco video conferencing allowing experts to join client presentations from wherever they were located. The two key factors for the CEC were flexibility and ease of use. Flexibility to allow changes to suit specific customer visits or new technology and ease of use whereby anyone could use the facility with no set up time.

We used traditional audio visual control and display technology married together with Crestron’s suite of e-control software and custom software that we created. This combination allowed users complete control of all of the AV elements, such as video, lighting and audio but also allowed users start, stop and switch applications on multiple PC all from the same control surface.

The user interface was PowerPoint, using Crestron e-tools the entire system could be driven from PowerPoint thereby allowing both the presentation and the control to work as one.  Being based on PowerPoint allowed the in house technician to modify the PowerPoint as frequently as required be it a one off event, customising the control for a specify customer or changing technology within the CEC, all achieved without the on-going costs normally associated with AV system that need re-programming.

The final layer of control providing remote control and diagnostics was hidden to the user but was available from anywhere on BT’s intranet. This allowed both for remote presentation and support.

This project was reviewed by AV magazine in January 2006.

Customer Experience Centres - Guinness

Guinness UDV This was an immersive experience, which communicated corporate transformation methodology to help the top 250 executives at Guinness UDV understand e-commence. The circular demonstration theatre was created with projection, video, sound, lighting, set design and actors.

The Audio Visual elements of the show were pre-programmed using an Avenger control system which was controlled via Macromedia ‘Director’. Director provided an interactive control interface to the actors, in this way no rigid format was forced upon either the actors or the audience. The actors were able to set pace and adapt on the fly, the presentation to response to the audience’s timescales and interests, making this a truly interactive experience.

This was so successful that eventually this 6-month project was extended beyond a year and was seen by more than 1000 Diageo staff. Furthermore after this period, Diageo sold this facility to another party who then ran it for another 6 months providing the experience to Coca-Cola, Nestle, Axa, Unilever, Shell, and Honda among others.