videowall tunnel

Intro: We were approached to create a video tunnel for Sony at the Live95 event in Earls Court through which visitors would enter the exhibition stand.

This tunnel was made up of 288 CRT displays, switching multiple video sources to create visually stunning effects and movement along the tunnel.

The Challenge: The two solutions available to us were conventional videowall technology or a large broadcast matrix switchers both options were prohibitively expensive.

The Solution: was a hybrid videowall technology and broadcast matrix switching of these two technologies, using C-Through videowall software with a custom written plug in we controlled all of the sources and routed the sources via a Probel matrix and Avitel distribution to the 288 monitors.

C-Through allowed us to select which source was sent to which bank of monitors, it also allowed us to freeze images as well as programming effects that created the illusion of images spinning, rotating or zooming the length of the tunnel.

Customer Benefit:

This statement piece was such a success for Sony in London we were invited repeat this experience with a slightly smaller 144 monitor tunnel for Psygnosis (Sony) at the L3 Gaming exhibition in Los Angles the following year.