custom touch control

Intro: A customer for whom AVIT Vision had previously installed a Prysm collaboration system was moving office and wanted to upgrade their system from a single to dual screen system.

The Challenge:   This should have been an easy process of buying another Prysm display and re-configuring the system. Unfortunately due to the age of the display there would have been issues of colour matching with a new display, this was further complicated by the fact that there had also been a upgrade to the Prysm displays which meant regardless of the displays age there was no way to colour match a new and old display. The obvious but expensive option was to purchase two new Prysm displays however this was cost prohibitive and the customer wasn’t pleased with this as a solution having only budgeted for one new display.

The Solution : The solution was two new Philips displays of the same size but half the costs, meaning that we could install the two displays the customer wanted at the price they had budgeted for. The tricky bit was the touch sensors were not supported by Prysm. We found a 3rd party touch driver developer that had a suitable dual screen, multi-touch driver the trick then was to make it work with the Prysm appliance. This is where AVIT Vision skill and product knowledge of many Prysm installations came into to play as we were able install and configure this 3rd party driver into the Prysm system to make this a workable solution.

Customer Benefit : The customer got the upgrade to their system for the planned budget.