actor driven presentations

Intro: AVIT Vision helped create this immersive experience for Guinness UDV, this was designed to communicate corporate transformation methodology to help executives to understand e-commence. A circular demonstration theatre with four zones was created with projection, video, sound, lighting, set design and actors.

The Challenge:  Actor driven presentation but WHY? Actors were used to provide real characters for each of the real-life scenarios that they were presenting. They were also able to set the pace and adapt on the fly the presentation to respond to the audience’s timescales and interests, making this a truly interactive experience.

The Solution: Macromedia ‘Director’ provided an interactive and randomly accessible control interface for the actors; in this way no rigid format was forced upon either the actors or the audience and allow for the actors to skip, recap or fast forward as required.

The audio-visual elements of the show were pre-programmed using an Avenger control system this unique IP based system came with a facility to create a database of cues triggered from ‘Director’ with each cue providing a complete message back to ‘Director’. Thousands of cues were created for every line in the script and every punctuation providing complete control to the actors.  

Customer Benefit:

Initially designed to introduce the top 250 Guinness executives to e-commence, this was so successful that eventually this 6-month project was extended beyond a year and was seen by more than 1000 Diageo (Guinness) staff.

After this period, Diageo sold this facility to another party who then ran it for another 6 months providing the experience to Axa, BT, Coca-Cola, Honda, Nestle, Shell, and Unilever.

Later we designed a smaller system for BT, to promote their ‘Work Life’ initiative.